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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 16, 2018 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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. teath toll is rising. two more deas being blamed on hurricane florence as it continues to pound t carolinas. a news crew captures apparent looting that cleaned out an unattended store. and help is on the way from the d.c. area. an elite rescue crew from virginia headi loth the massive relief efforts already unde f what is now tropical depression florence as it's been downgraded ait overnight. i'm adam us the. >> i'm molette green in for
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angie goff. things were busy as florence lingers over the icarolinas. doesn't want to move. the national weather service neara tornado touched down silver lake, north carolina, just outside of wilmington as well. >> this is video from our sister hation in wilmington. even folks there to take shelter as the tornado came closer. it happened just befor 1:00 this morning and a tornado watch is still in effect.ow right we have not received any word on injuries from this tornado, but we have a crewn e ground there in north carolina and we'll have updates as they become available. as we watch what's happening, we're worried about what will come this way. laur ricketts, what's happening? g to make the to the west and then north and east monday night.
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so it will hug thetate of west virginia and we are going to get rain out.f th it's a great day out there. great morning and it will be a great day we will have sun and clouds and the up few sprinkles but stick in rain will come later tonight. you can see the center of r circulatioht here. it will continue to take a turn up to the north so we are going to see rain showers around our area as we head into tonight and in thrgh much ofhe day tomorrow. temperatures right now 70 degrees. 's comfortable b the humidity and heat are coming back. we'll talk about that and our rain chances because we have a chan for s weather tomorrow. we'll go over t in ten minute>> y know you're stealing right? y you know're looting? that reporter confronting suspected looters in wilmington. because of it, police have posed an extended curfew and
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officers have arrested several people. this video is from jacksonville, north carolina, a couple teenagers here riding their bikes through the floodwaters yesterday. that, of course, pretty dangerous, you can see the water covering most of their bikes as they navigate it had flooded stre d flooded streets. >> the winds have dropped off, but the rain, we're talking abt more than 30 inches. >> forecasters say many areas have yet tooree the of what this storm has to offer so far. jay gray is in hard-hit carolina beach, nor carolina, with more. >> reporter: the storm has lost a bit of its power but none of its punch. >> we face o walls water at our coast, along our rivers, across farm land, in our cities and in our towns. >> reporter: stalled over the
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carolinas, the massive wea system continues, dumping records amount of rain in man b areas feet, not inches. water in polices it's never been before and more is on the way. rescues continue i newbern, the city ravaged by a ten-foot storm surge. >> it wa horrifying. just wondering what's going on and where the water is going to go and how high andow we are going to get out. >> reporter: across what is an expanding strike zone, trees and electrical lines are down, hundreds o thousands without power, tensan of tho in shelters. everyone, everything here try eg toape the rising water. jay gray, nbc news, carolina ach, north carolina. >> crews have been working around the clock rescuing
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homeowners and drivers in stranded it was a c call for one woman in north carolina, nearly swept away in her car. last night jasmine king was headed down a road that was flooded when her car just shut off, then she lost control and landed in a ditch. s kings that that's when the water began to quickly fill up her car. >> and the water keeps coming up, building u on to -- like titanic stuff. you could see the water coming up so i'm like boom, i pushed the window out and i tried to t.swim ou >> rescuers were able to pull her out t safety. authorities are encouraging drivers to stay off the roads. some of thm victim have fled all tay to our area. eight evacuees spent the night at umd's richie coliseum in collegl park. seveigns for the red cross were posted. it's unclear what area the evacuees came from. >> there's a lot of people from out of the area. right now, more first
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responders are in the carolinas helping with the rescue efforts there. in chantilly, virginia's elite task force one was evacuated. they were takingoats down, the team isn't sure where they're going or what exactly they'll doll course, they're ready to help. >> we have ver little notice, we kind of thought we were going to be just being kept in reserve but we're glad we're going. we'll assist as many people as >> can. e are told 32 team members will be helping out in the carolinas hundrf people in northern virginia lost power after a huge tree came crashing down on power lines. the tree also blocked georgetown pike near saigon road. crews worked for hours to clear up the mess and fix the broken power line. at one point, more than 200 dominion energy cusmers lost electricity. >> the benefit of living next to a scenic bywa a lot of big
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trees and powerines and especially with this rain, it just comes down. that's it. >>ig quite a that tree behind him. power back on for most dominio customers. >> the time is 6:07. the death toll is rising in another storm we've been following. this is video from the philippines where typhoon manghkhut has killed at least 25 people. this is the strongest storm the planet has seen this year. the philippine police direcr saysost deaths are from landslides. trees and power lines have been pushed over by the strong winds in that area. the roof on some gas stations. a woman recovering after her vape pen exploded. it happenedon yesterday after around 3:30. the fairfax county fire department says she was a passenger sitting in a car on grant reet. she was flown to a local burn center. no word on the severity of her burns.
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no one else was injured. a driving lesson goes awry with a watery outcome. take a look at these incredible pictures here. this car ended up in a community ol in montgomery village yesterday. this is at the north creek community center. the driver and another person got out safely, thankfully. the fire department spokesman says this appears to be driver error. the driver was praicing how to park but ended up in the drink. prre tice. more practice. >> spend that money on those lessons. barely off the lot and already in the auto shop. look at pthis. thud owner of a brand new car flipped on over in front of fitzgerald subaru in gaithersburg yesterday. the new tags stilln thecar. the driver was the only one in the car, said to be o.k. it's not clear what caused the car to flip like that. >> kes. >> don't you have three days to?
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>> maybe you want to return the paperwork yust signed. wow. >> that's awful. time right now u coming on 6:09. looking at reagan national ourport. maybee flying out. looks okay. 70 degrees but rain is head our way. we'll check in with lauryn as she track what is is tropical depression. waiting for a liver transplant..
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there's a crispness in the air. like fall is right around the corner. >> yeah, but i'm not sure we're there just yet. lauryn ricketts is here to look at that and you're also tracking what's left of florence. >> and once that passes through, we'll get an uptick in the humidity and temperatures and then temperatures wil fall and the humidity will fall. but you're right, molette, it's nice and comfortable out there this morning. we have a marathon downtown, the
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navy air force marathon looking great forthat. also the 5k associated with that going to be prettye. comforta 6:50 is what time that sun rises and we will have paty fog you'll see out there, ehecially nort where we've had clear skies. not looking at much in terms of rain. we're dry out there, say shower can't be ruled out as we continue into the remainder of the day. here's florence tropical depression, winds down to 35 miles an hour. it will continue to travel up through charlotte. w ad columbia, south carolina, and take a turn to the north and tomorrow night take a turn to the northeast but we are going to get h that raine in our area, but you can see how it just scoots to the north of our area and outotowards the new england region tuesday night into wednesday and that's when we'll see florencese l her grip on us. until then, expect breezy conditions for monday and tuesday showers today. an uptick in the rain chance tonight. even a few thunderstorms possible as we get into your
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monday with showers around and some of these thunderstorms can be heavy. i think a lot of thunderstorms are going to stay just to the west closer toen ther of circulation as we head through monday night. no we could have a small tornado as well. we tend t see this as the remnants scoot through the region. it can spin all small tornado. that will be a threat ase get rain amounts will line up along the of us will stay under an inch if you're i-95 to the east. currenttemperatures, it's comfortab he out the door. the temperature will be around 70 degrees. stray showers, peeks of sun similar to yesterday but increasing chancesaif later tonight as the storm system pushes to the west of us. so i-81 through tomorrow, possibly heavy rain, around the
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d.c.etro area, we are looking at scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm but definitel coastal flooding. moderate rain possible. and that's what they're going see tomorrow. maybe a few thunderstorms. if you're east of i-95, you'll have coastal flooding with showers for tomorrow and tuesday. temper 80s. breezy on monday and tuesday and humid but by wednesday, thursday, and friday sunny skies, still warm but no humidity. next chance of rain isir day of fall on saturday. >> i told you fall was right around the corner. >> i'm ready for it. we have reporter's note boog cop next. >> and we'll be back in 15 minutes with more of the top stories. >> hello. more than a million dolls, stealing at the mgm casino ats national harbor. security cameras caught ming jong working with partners who he would let take pictures of decks of cards he was not
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shuffling. it's perhaps the biggest case in maryland since the casino program started in 2010. joining our panel this morning, scott mcfarland and chris rdon. covered this story, t angles of it. it's a big case. it makes you wonder how he was able to ge with so much money before being caught. >> if you think this is the only case of cheating in our local a scene knows, think agsin. e casinos opened in m.d. nd in 2010, there a have been least 20 cases of cheating. casinos say they'reeady for it. there's some amount of reconnaissance they do to stop cheating. than just this one individual. he's entered a guilty plea.
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he'll be sentenced in january. but when you plead guilty you offer to help the inve cigation. >> y expect this kind of thing to go on in casinos but theoretically you're prepared to catch these people. >> they have the eyen the sky. they have people watching realtime live. it's amang he g away with it but i want to pick up on a point deott with 200 different acts of cheating it wasn't all at mgm. if you go back to when the casino is open, this would have to be at other casinos as well. this is probably the highestas profile and probably sends a message throughout maryland casinos that you're being watched and you'll be caught. >> we have some experience reporting on this in our state, in maryland and other stat's. ot a person, it's a team. eam t agca seen know is a sport. a person cannot singly cheat at a cayono. need help.
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that's where it gets interesting becae this fbi will likely yield more people. >> for every cheater who is caught how many people do you think are getting away? >> there's a bit of a gray area what constitutes cheating. people have been c cvicted cardnting at the blackjack table. they make the argument we don't think that's cating, we think that's playing well and being strategic. the casinos have the autonomy to yank someby out and boot them for whatever reason. >> and finally, are the casinos the only lers? >> the house loses when there's y cheat but the house rar loses. this person has been caught, they say it's a million dollarsd that indl will have to make restitution. >> and that's money that doesn't go to the state of maryland. neither does theeneral fund or earmarked for education. >> was it rpre-meditated mur or an explosion of domestic violence. a jury will decide in
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the trial of army staff sergeant ronald hamilton. he's charged with killingis police prince william ficer ashley gwynndon in 2016. two other officers were injured. what are the arguments we car expect to ht the trial and what's at stake? >> i was at t opening statements this he is a sergeant, he's wearing his dress uniform with gold brocade and the defense says basically. argued, and his wife they were both having extramarital affairs, they say he threw her up against the wall sheshl 1 call. he said don do that, stop. but the best evidence we have is
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from tir so then 11 at the time, now 13. he says he saw his father grab gun, follow his mother into the guest bedroom where she was livi and shut the door and he heard three shots and he heard nothing more. then hisather calls his sister who is in law enforcement in i've done. the cops comeo the door, the police officers of prince william county come to the doo and he gets an ak-47 at that point or an assault rifle like that and he fires. 39 shell casings are found. he doesn't even aim. and his defenseayhe was basically either overcome by emotion, he thought he was losing his military career, he was going t lose hison and he was in a panic. the prosecution says this is pre-meditated murder, he planned it, he should be found guilty of capital murder and that
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qualifies for the >> scott, this was not just a tragic case of domesti violence, it struck at the heart of the police departmhat because yo not only the wife who was killed but this police officer who had just arted, was on the job. >> we interviewed the chief of police in prince william county and made clear you can't unrestimate but it underscores the risk of domestic calls, a huge componef police work locally. some calls to domesti abuse or suspected domestic violence and police will tell you those are the calls that can cause the most artburn, the most concern because they can manifest themselves into threats against the officers. >> all righty. we'l
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cyber bullying has become just as big a problem in d.c. high schools a bullying in person. the i-team found there were just as many students who admit being bullied on line as there are students who say they've been bullied in their classrooms or the hallways. know this is a growing problem, scott, on high school campuses. your reviews show it's a growing problem online. tell usore about what you uncovered and were you surprised? >> very much so. let's puthe big number out there. in our entire region including d.c., northern virginia and maryland, 60,000 kidseported being bullied by their school districts. there is more cyber bullying in some places than traditional in-school bullying. the bullying happens in the playground and parking lot.
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and the psychological toll it canake when you can't go home and escape a bully for portions of the day, that psychological impact is severe. there are school districts trying to address this because even if cyber bullying occurs when they're outside school ound, some of it is beginning when the kids are interacting at so schoo a proactive approach and try to stop this. one school district we talked to said they're not in the business of expelling kids for bullying because that doesn't get to the root of the problem. if they can,they'd rather set up mediation sessions negotiate by the school district to get e bullyingstopped. if you kick kids out for this, you may not be stopping the problem, y may be exacerbating. >> c most of us even imagine how horrible ts can be? >> one of the things about cyber bullying that's different than what we exper not only did the bullying happen electronically, but it happens
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with a larger audience. thin this happens on a facebook platform or twitter or instagram. not only does this bully communicate a threatening message to another child, there's an audience for it. all the followers and people who watch that feed you can have an audience of thousands whereas in-school bullying can have an audience of a few. >> so the impact is magnified. >> andcehat people are coned about in maryland is do we need to have new laws to make criminal saying certain things to youth on social dia platforms. >> i'd one point about the impact. what impressed me about the i-team reporting is that it's region wide and in some cases kids are suggesting to commit suicide, and number two, region wide it hits adults, too. fairfax county fire department has a new chief. one of the problems ishat there has been cyber bullying that caused a female firefighter
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to commit suicide and just before he took the job, the new fire chief was the target of cyber bullying so he has that problem to address. >> and bullying can manifest itself into adult relationshipst when you use cyber bullying constraints. when you use electronic media, social media platforms. it turns bullying into something that isn't just for kids anymore. >> so lofficials, state officials in marylandor example are being lobbied to you have toen the laws. what areriipals and teachers and counselors are they ?lling they're urn certain constraints. principals and school districts can't be in thefusiness taking electronics away from kids because that's part of the pedal process. so many curricula require kids to have uphones, to tablets. they'll use them in the workplace, let's get expience withsing them in high school and middle school so you can't take phones away but talk about bullying prevention. they can talk about what's a good thing to say, a bad thing
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to say, what's the rig tone what's the wrong tone? they can teach them to be better citizen citizens battle zone involvesn young methat some . say are ruling the that's what se people are saying. 11 children killed just this year. a six-yearld girl shot in t ankle outside of her home in southeast. chris, you covered this story and the one that came on the heels of a killing of a heryear-old girl outside home in southeast. what do police say about the violence and the children for no now. well, it's what the neighboring are saying. in the poor neighborhoods of southeast and i northeast b public housing they are saying that we basicly are in a battle zone, that there are people who know who these shooters are, they know who
6:28 am
these tough guys, these kids are with gu, they know who is responsible for these shootings thre one, 18 years old, he went out for a soda, he was shot. we have mekhi wilson who went for icecream, she was shot. the six-year-old you mentioned coming home with her mom with oceries, she was shot. people are being caught in the problem e and it's that some say the anc commissioner of theighth word told me we need help. we need help that goes beyond current policeractices, angels, they want help. >> one of the things at happened on memorial day, manbody shot the ice cream in the ice cream truck pulling up to an apartment complex.
6:29 am
things like that are more than just praically impactful. they send a message that something needs to chge. a lot of energy pushed behind this effort to make shot the ice cream man on a holiday. >> a final story. montgomery county high school students are p condoms. the school board unanimous d voted to expan a pilot program so sn all 26 schools will be passing theseut to students who ask. the problem has reached a ten-year high the ansmission of stds in the county. publieing called a health crisis. this was prompte health department. four schools have wellness centers and a couple weeks ago, you can get condoms by going the wellness center. now the board of education expandedt to the remaining 20, 21 high schools by going to the nurse you can get condoms
6:30 am
withouty negligencotifying your parents. some parents say, you know, i understand that's an idea, a good idea for preventionul but like to be in on that process. >> there doesn't seem to be a lot of pushback, scott, and you might expect there wouldbe. >> if there's going to be boa of education or x school leaders but as chris said,rt this was imt. ses, the wellnessa procedural centers in montgomery county schools are run by the health ia department. s endeavor, you have many different layers and many different people with stakes inthis. the health department is the on his ankle. is called department if your son gets stung by a bee. the health department has equity an health officials believe this is necessary for that community. >> as of october 1 we believe all of the schools will be mp
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ing. that's reporter's oknote news 4 today continues. the destruction continues. parts of north carolina with hit with more than two feet of rain since florence struck. now the death toll is rising. has the storm lingered 1234. and ams are were roll of ap n elite rescue team virginia heading south to help in the massive relief efforts
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>> i'm molette green i co . lauryn richts in the weathercenter with t today on this sunday. rivers and tributaries are spilling over their ba place it never been before, trees, electrical lines, they are down. thousands of people are in shelte. >> just wondering what is going on and where the water is going to go .
6:34 am
no>> wd as crews try to reach them. news 4's jim hanley has a closer look at the >> >> reporter: on this street boat aer boat wound up in backyards and frt yae from. .t's registered it's believed that it r side of
6:35 am
and at the height of the storm the heavy winds blew across the river. e people who own that beautiful big home right there, they were in australia at the time but many people were re in fact, almost have been rescued. late this afternoon, there were another 0 calls o to be rescued. ove at video new bern. of the city's 22,000 residents, 300 have power. e anxious days and nights. >> since i i've been through one hurricane and a tropical storm buts never like this and e water stayed so long makes it wor worse. nowhere o sit's not like they can l if they wanted 4300 hom sustained damage. many, like this one,
6:36 am
uninhabitable. th have told don't come back for a at leasther two days because of the rain still to come and the ver. we've got another high tide at 2:30 sunday morning. 234 new bern, north carolina, im ha be handing out supplies. c25 members leftlege park yesterday. last yeare patrol rescued five people and saved one person's life in maryland. and more help is needed to get people toto safety. y the maryland helicopter take c mi ion will h helicopters. se rescue workers from four maryland counties including montgomery county will also be going. >> a somber anniversary today. five years ago, a gunman opened fire at the washington navy yard. this was the hectic scene on september 14,2013, in the aftermath of the shooting.aa 34-year-oln alexis entered building 197 and shot victims
6:37 am
randomly. killed ae dozen peoefore erlice killed him. eight people we also injured. remember thatorning like it was yesterday. a big hon for the family of a university of maryland football player who died. the mcdonough school outside of baltimore retired jordan mcnair's number mcnair in june. family says he suffered a heat stroke after collapsing at practice. mcdonough players also wore jordan mcnair's jersey numbers on their helmet. time right now, 6:37 as we take a live look at union station. a littlether 70 pretty comfortable right now, but what's in store for the rest of yournd sunday monday as florence makes its way here. we'll check in with lauryn when .
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. he's got a guilty plea from the one-time head of therump presidential campaign as the president tries to deal with the
6:41 am
storm rief goingn in the carolinas. >> moderator of "meet the press" chuck toddng us in studio to break it down. obviously a lot of comparisot in this p week made to hurricane maria, the death toll in puerto rico, a lot of mixed opinions depending on who you o h how he dealt with thatdevastation. what do you make of this so far? >> i don't -- the president for some rea -- it all started with just a simple question of at lessons d you take away from puerto rico t applyo the efforts in florence d he has basically not been abo put down his twitter storm since. t it, questioning the death e . a very awkward moment if a you wo fema and you're sitting here having to deal with this and being asked questions about the president says the democrat s are making up a death toll.
6:42 am
i think the political strugglr trying to move in the moment is that this is going to be a slow devastt'ion. >> thas far from over. >> because of the water, because of the del and rising creeks. this is going to be a continuing disaster forhe carolinas. >> and while that is going on, we've had a couple days to let the paul manafort deal with the special counsetl s in in washington and with the president and his team of lawyers. what's the expectation on how the president really is going to come out and respond? >> molette, that's a good way ot putting you sit back after you've absorbed this and you realize this is devastating for the there's no other way to look at it. devastating for donald t near t than anything. this is now an eyewitness in that infamous trump tower is coop with mueller. >> thas the biggest thing,
6:43 am
right? >> if you rd the indictment, it walks you through all of manafort's crimes through the spring of '16 literally to the point that he begins his work for the trumpcampaign. like, that's where the story -- meansgal story ends which no, no, no, there isore togo, it's just that mueller brought manafort up tohis point in time. so we he has all these russian ties, we know he's got a business partnershat a russian intelligence agt. t did those guys get brought together into the trump campaign? manafort is tied to so many le different pe roger stone who then gets you tk wikiles. there's so many connections here d it's a pretty bad >> intereso see what plays out. who do you have on the show today? >> the fema administrator to talk about recovery efforts and adam schiff and dershowitz to talk about manafort.
6:44 am
>> thank you for stopping by, chuck. you can see "" every sunday at 10:30 after news 4 today. a lot to get to today. chuck, thank you. >> thanks,chuck. no matter how you feel about those red light speed cameras, everybody hates them, they're everarhere. >> the everywhere around here and we've accepted them but for pple from out of town, it can be a shock to the system when the ticket comes in the mail and now new jersey, some do somethinging to about that. they are fighting to make that their constituents can get out of fines here in the district. take a look. >> reporter: love them familiar speed and red light cameras around here, but lmakers in new jersey say they want to protect their resides. if theyet a fine one from one of these things, they say those ers should haven't to pay the fine. >> we would stop our motor vehicle commission providing the
6:45 am
identifying information. >> that's the republican s senator declan o'scanlon joining us via face time. he's introduced legislation that would protect new jy drivers from any speed or red light camera ticket new jersey currently does not use those type of >> we don't tolerate it in new jerson. we d't want to tolerate it from other governments taking advantage of our residents. that isn't making traffic safer. >> reporter: jersey resident jay lassiter got three speed camera tickets in the district. he was in town toy b his father who was in the marine corps. national arlington cemetery. now jay admits when he was here he was over the speed limit but he q placement of some cameras. >> if it goes from 55 to 35 and it's notus that obv then of course it's designed to ensnare unsuspecting people lid that's what happened. > reporter: according to a washington city paper analysis, income from redpe light and camera tickets jumped from just
6:46 am
in 2016.million in 2016 to ov d.c. leaders and numerous groups have always maintained the program is set up for safety but for drivers like jay -- >> i haven'tg gotten a speedin ticket in a dozen years. i can't remember the last time got real ticket. >> reporter: something sti isn't adding up. >> if you get caught by a speed camera or red light camera the fine can ran 5 from bucks to $300. >> i paid $100 and i hate -the >> wel >> it's painful to have to write that chk. it is the left and i cause i was on crawled over the line and there was no cars, it was the middle of the night. was like whats this? >> me, too. >> you have to be careful out there we know how lauryn feels ndout it. >> nice , though, right? >> it's not bad.
6:47 am
yesterday was nice. it wasn't that bad. >> i d yesterday okay?was yeah, it was nice. 3 because of sunshine. en as we head into tonight, tomorrow, tuesday, that's when remnants of florence will hug west virginia and then head up througpennsylvania. that's when we'll get our rain from florence. >> playing the colts, we're undefeated right now. >> go washington. >> this isn't philadelphia, adam. we're inon the na capital. red and yellow, burgundy and gold. i saw that look. we have some clouds, some fog this morning and that is how it was yesterday morning.
6:48 am
as we get into tonight that's when we'll see an uptick in the rain chances. we'reucot seeing out there. mostly clear skies to the north and more cloud cover to the south.s sprinkown towards charlottesville and the northern neck. widen out this view, man, this thing is massive. i just talked to a family that is in calabash, north carolina, which is rightn the line right have power. now in the new bern and also wilmington area. but this heavy rain is going to continue to push all the way through charlotte al h west virginia and eventually as we go over the course of the next two days essentlly through pennsylvania and finally out to sea but florence is now a tropical going to stay like that f
6:49 am
24 hours. but of course heavy rain, that rain has nowhere tgo except with that center of circulation. so here we go. maybe aho few strayrs out there today. same chances as yesterday however e makes the turn to the north tonight, that's why s we'll an increase in the rain chances lar on tonight and in through tomorrow so here comes the rain as floren continues up to the west of us. we have showers tomorrow, we'll continue with showers a thunderstorms through tomorrow during the day. some of those could be strong, bringing heavypo dos. it will be interesting. there will be a very sharp line of who has a couple inches of rain and who has less than a quarter of an inch and if you're east of i-95, g you'll less than half an inch of rain. if you are just to the west, are going to have maybe an inch or two of rain but, again, a very sharp cutoff so tomorrow during the day expect showers
6:50 am
and thunderstorms, even thunderstorms lining up later on tomorrow night as the dynamics push towards pennsylvania and up and finally out of here. so this is what we're thinking 60 rain i think some could be locally higher, especially through thes non doe what valley. this is going through tuesday current temperatures out there right now, 60s and70s. we'll win. >> red and yellow? >> i was looking at the graphic. listen, i don't know what show i'm doing right now. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be around 80. once again you can have a stray shower and the humidity will increase as we go through the a day today well. temperatures in the low 80s. better chances of rain than we have during the day. as far aor ourast for
6:51 am
monday and tuesday this will be the best area to see heavy rain possibly up to threenches locally and that rain will begin tonight and not end until tuesday night. fo the d.c. metro area, monday/tuesday we talking about showers. some of those could bring heavy tin and coastal flooding. we've been s ove last couple of days. areas of moderate rain possible, this area will be the line where we could have some heavier rain and that will be the sharp cutoff for some of those totals and then our soun areas, you have coastal flooding buntinuing and you have a few showers. for us, again, breezy for the nt two days, monday and even tuesday but look at this wednesday, thursday, friday, low humidi, mid-80s, looking good and fall begins on saturday hance of rain. we have more n.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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investors meet and mcdonald's workers streee in the ahead. friday is the day apple's new iphones and watch will show up in stores. pre-orders are under way with some models not available for weeks. monday delivers the biggest earnings reports of the week. fedex and software giant acle. on thursday, we'll hear from micron as ip maker well as store industries, the country's largest producer of recreational ve. nike holds its annual shareholder meeting where there are bound to questis the new ad campaign featuring former nfl quarterac colin kaepernick. na nis fell after the ad but then their stocks went higher. i'm courtny reagan, get your business news onnb one of the most popular annual lists that ranks the best
6:56 am
colleges in the country was released this week and the local university is touting its big jumpn the top 100. >> that move comes despite some recent cont versy. news4's megan fitzgerald sat down with the scho's president who explained how it happened. >> it's been less than a month since classes have en under way at howard university and the year has already gotten off to a strong start. according to "u.s. news and world re" latest rankings for the best colleges across the country,d how university ranks 89, jumping 21 spots from last year. thversit w helped by the change in the formula used to rank schools. now the success of graduates and pell grant recipients are factored into the rkings but university presi wayne frederick sayshere w factors th at the end of the day this is the vindication i've seen in the frederi says he
6:57 am
and his staff have increased the minimu credits students are taking each semester to 15. >> that alone has moved. our retention rate has gone from 82% to 96%. >> the success howard is enjoying came despite alt tuus end of the last school year. auditors fou universy employees misappropria financial aid fundinlya decalo six ees were fired and students occupied the administration building with the list of demands but this year many students admit they've started to see progress. frederick says the university has more wk to do but he points to the latest rankings report as proof that howard univer is heading in the right direction.> at the other scho area, johns hopkins rankedth in the nation. georgetown at 22, u at 25, gw
6:58 am
and maryland tied for 63rd with rginia tech ranki 76. and we posted a link to the annual list so you can see where other schools inur area rank. much more still ahead on news 4 today. >> tt includes an hour-by-hour withat your forecast lauryn ricketts. ?ill it rain
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
7:02 am
right aroundveere w been busy all week, talking about and preparing ourselves for the o
7:03 am
remnan florence coming through. right now prepare yourself for a little bit of fog as you hear out the d early this morning. visibilities are low in some spo spots. back towards the shenandoah valley, visibilities c reduc rtheast winds about eig miles an hour. a little breeze today. mo windy throughout the day today. on your sunday, grab thoseai boots and possibly the umbrella. it is going to be fairly comfortable throughout the morning. uptick inumidity later on and increased rain chances later tonight. we'll talk about the rain ouances in your neighborhood for tomorrow and show the latest track for floree coming up . guys, you know you're looting, right? you know you're stealing? >>he because of looting
7:04 am
problem, imposed an, c tendedf few. this in jacksonville, north carolina, a couple of teenagers riding their bikes through the floodwaters yesterday. you can see the water cmoering of their bikes as they navigated through the flooded streets. >> i bet they thought that was fun. >> also dangerou florence continues to wreak havoc in the s.caroli the winds have dropped off with rain in some areas. more than 30 inches. >> that is historic. forecasters say many areas have yet to see t worst of what the storm has to offer actually. our jay gray is inhard-hit carolina beach, north carolina, with more. >> reporter: the storm has lost a bit of its power, but none of its punch. >> we face walls of water at our coast, along our rivers, across farmland, in our cities and in our towns.
7:05 am
>> reporter: stalled over the carolinas, t massive weather system continues dumping record amounts of rain in many are b measur feet, not inches. >> we're going to see areas flood that hav not flooded before. ie are pushing water into places it's never been before and more is on the way. reues continu in new bern, the city ravaged by a ten-foot storm surge. >> it was horrifying, just wondering what's going on and where the water is going to go and how high it's going to go and howre going to get out. >> reporter: across what is ant expandinge zone, trees and electrical lines are down, hundreds of tusands without power, tens of thousands in shelters. everyone, everything trying to escape the risingr. wa jay gray, nbc news, carolina beach, north carolina.
7:06 am
crews havbeen working a around the clock rescuing drivers and hoowners. one woman in north carolina nearlywept away in her car. last night jasmine king was headed down a flooded road when her car shut off. then she lost control andin land a ditch. king says that'sathen began to quickly fill up her car. >> the watereeps coming up, you could see the water coming up. i'm just like, boom, i pushed the window out. >> yikes. thkfully rescuers were able to get her out safely.or auies are encouraging drivers to stay off the roads. eight evacuees spent the night at umd's richie coliseum in collegepark. several signs for the red cross were posted. stillot clear where the evacuees came from. right now more first
7:07 am
responders are actually headed down south to help with efforts there. in chantilly, virginia'slite task force one, their taking boats with them. the team is not exactly sure where they're going or what they'll be doing, but they' ready to help. >> we got very little notice. we kind of thought that we were going to be still just being kept in reserve, but we're gladd we're going assist as many people down there as we possibly can. >> we're told 32 team members wille helping out in the carolinas. hundreds of people in northern virginiost power after a huge tree came down on power lines.or crews wd for hours to clear up the mess and fix the broken power poles. at one poi more than 200 minion energy cust >> the benefit of livingex to
7:08 am
a scenic byway. a lot of big trees and a lot of power lines and especially with all this rain, it just comes down and that's it. >> good news, though, power is back on for most dominion customer. time right now is 7:08. coming up on news 4 this morning, it can help adults quit smoking, but it's having the opposite effect on teens. now the fda is cracking down. that's the latest straight ahead right here on ""news 4 today.""
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
>> reporter: this is one kind of cigarette. it's called a juul. these are illegal for kids to buy, but the fda says millions of students usehem every year. >> teenagers using it, not a good idea.te >> rep nickie board says her daughter doesn't use there e-cies but she knows kids that do. >> i don't think they're bad kids buteegers are curious. >> reporter: the cdc saysn two milludents e-cigarettes last year.
7:12 am
12% of high schoolers used them in the last 30 days and 3% of middle schoolers usedhem in the last 30 days, too. this college student didn't want us to u his nam but says he uses the juul everyday. he doesn't think kids should do self t for adults like h it can relieve stress. >> when i looked into it. it was healthier than other options so i feel safer with with a juul than a generic vape. >> reporter: the e-cigarette makers 60 days to rove they can keep kids from smoking. if not, the fda says they mayll pu the product from the shelves a, togeth move this mom says she'll keep a close eye on. >> it's our job to be informed anything ned abo that affects the health and well-being of our children. >> reporter: amy cho, news 4. time right now, 7:12. look at that shot.
7:13 am
a little gloomy shot as we start sunday morning in the nation's capital. lauryn will be back to not only tell you about florence butr whet not the redskins home .pener will be dry. there's more to life than the climb.
7:14 am
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7:15 am
sand keep life you love. innovation health medicare. learn more at welcome back. a fredericksburg woman says itd sounike her walls were alive -- scratching, growling all night long and sheoon learned that she had a majorin
7:16 am
station of bats. >> this is -- >> bats. >> -- unbelievable. only on news 4, david culver explains what you need to look out for to avoid sharing your home with a winged colony. >> you can see it so well and it's so awful. it's so awful. >> oh, gosh. >> reporter: if you're like me, a rning, this story may make you cringe a bit. before we show you the video up close, let's introduce you to kristin. back in may she and her husband and their young son moved from pittsburgh to fredericksburg, closer to kristin's mom. they got a house, got settled, ready to welcome baby n two. >> i gave birth on june 4 and the bats arrived the week brought my baby home. >> reporter: kristin was not the >>ly one welcoming this new arrival. our walls were alive with activity, learning later they were ging births well so adult females were having babies. >> repor kristin began
7:17 am
documenting the growing infestation, capturing baby bats dangling. >> that baby. >> the adults napping behind her blinds. >> i went into denial. we had no idea how m y wehad.te >>r: paul had an i >> high hundreds to thousands. >> reporte sorry? >> high hundreds to thousand a lot. >> reporter: paul from advanced wildlife removal was one of four pest control companies kristin called. one compan $16,000 to get rid of the she chose paul because of a more reasonable price and his seemingly humane approach. > but in order to remove the bats and not have an ongoing up everyu have to seal gap around the house. >> reporter: paul believes the bats have been returning to this home for several summers. he ss the home inspector should have thoroughly checked out the attic before kristin and her husband closed? >> this s definiteluld have been noticed. >> reporter: after sealing up
7:18 am
the exposed exterior, paul installed these one-waytubes. they allow the bats to fly out without getting back in. once the bats exited through the one way, they had to go somewhere, right? well, they did, not too far. they went next door, just a few feet away to the neighbor'sus >> reporter: the neighbor's house also getting sealed u and tubes inserted. the last of the bats moved out. kristin's husband document add few stragglersncding this one caught in a towel on their deck. this brings us back to the videe she showe earlier. the teeth, the ougrowling, might guess this bat is not happy about the eviction. you can thank paul. >> pho rings a lot. i get 20, 25 calls a month for bats. >> reporter: kristin has him save in her phone as paul batman. a hero of rt >> it's smith. >> reporter: pall smith. after a long summer, kristin can finally laugh, too.
7:19 am
her family now adjusting to a new strange nighttime experice -- silence. in fredericksburg, virginia, wow. lver, news 4 6r7b8g9s >> i donknow, i would have just packed up and just -- y can have the house. >> like the bats can have the house, right? i'm out of here. >> thousands of them? and after the pest contr team determined the bats were gone for good then they had to clean up. >> they had to remove nests. the story is a reminder of how important it is to mak sure your home inspector does a thorough job. >> i'll keep that in mind. there was only one thing that i wanted to see more in that story. >> what? >> that was david dressed as robin. >> i knew it! >> next the batman in a robin tf . >> he would look so good.
7:20 am
>> don'tomiment him. don't compliment him. >> can't be team dull kuler yoy clear. >> i did. >> well you have problems, too. you're red and yellowor washington football. >> nobody wrote me yet. >> what is happening with you? >> my brain is just fried. fried. >> you gs have been doi a great job. >> thank you so much. it's been a lot and the hurricane isn'tven here in our area yet. but it's coming. we'll see remnants of florence. we could have flooding around the region. just given how much rain we've had i don't think that will be the biggest deal but we'll be with you all day tomorrow to look at this. the fog is just blanketing the this is similar to yesterday. i left the station and we had sunshine so i think that will be the deal we seed today where we have the fog in the morning, drizzle outthere a the next
7:21 am
couple hours it will lift and we could have veiled sunshine continuing through the day. do we have more rain today? yes, stray showers throughout the morning, don't cancel your plans out there. i do believe we'll have a better chance of rain into tonight as florence lifts tort the coastal flooding has been ongoing since last weekend when we had remnants of gordon pass through. storms possible monday ande we could h a small tornado threat as well, especially west of d.c. as far as sunshine, somebody asked me that on wtop radio. it's coming but likely on wednesday. with radar, you can see a f isolated showers copping up, stray showers through the first part of the day. it's continuing to drop. all of north carolina seeing rain except right aroundel abeth city but most rain continuing and this is what doug and i were worried about.
7:22 am
the same areas are getting impah these heavy rain band w jacksonvillere camp lejeune is, they're seeing it. wilmington, oak island through southport, that's wrightsville beach. th're seeing heavy rd e raven h charlotte where they could pick up doubl digits of rain as this moves to the and west and it will make that turn later tonight. tropical depn right now, winds at 35 miles an hour so it will hug the west virginia border. head out towards pen wylvania anare looking at rain in our area as we get into monday and tuesday so let me show you that quick, stray showers out there today and a better chance of rain into this afternoon, late this afternoon into tonight as florence makes the turn up to the north. showers and thunderstorms possible any time during the day tomorrow. best chance of thunderstorms will lie west but we still could have a few isolad around the d.c. area. but i think the further east you are away from the cenr of circulation the better chance
7:23 am
you will be to seeshowers. heavier rain along the shandoah valley for mondaytu and day. sh fr nice conditions, next ch of rain will be the first day offa fall which will be o
7:24 am
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7:26 am
series of deadly gas explosions. thousands of residents are now displaced and shelters are set up for those without a home safe for them to go back.e if the pipeline explosions killed an 18-year-old and injured 25 others. the governor has declared a state of emergency there. an incredible story of survivald a 10-year-oy impaled by a meat skewer during a freak accident. xavier cunningham is awake and able to talk about his experience while i the hospital. he was playing in a tree house last weekend with his friend near kansas city when a storm of yellowjackets started stinging them. xavier jumped from the ladder and lande on a foot-long skewer. an x-ray shows that medal went straight through his face, stopped at the base of his skull. >> he goes. >> i-- he goes i'm dying, mom.
7:27 am
i said no, you're going to be okay. and he goes i want to see jesus but i don't want to see him right now. >> that brakes your heart. it took doctorso seven hours remove that skewer. it missed xavier's eye, brain, and spinal column. xavier says he nts to keep it as a reminder that he beat the odds. he beat the odds. look at that thing! >> can you imagine being the parent and seeing that and would be going through your mind. >> unbelieveable. >> thankful he's okay. taking a live look outside right no has started to blanket our area. 70 degrees. how warm will it get today? will you need the poncho for the redskinsow hor? lauryn has you covered when we come back. >> don't w
7:28 am
7:29 am
i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
7:30 am
7:30 on the dot and the destruction continues. parts of north carolina hit with more than two feet of rain since florence struck a now the death toll is rising as the >lingers. >> and a group of apparent looters wentlearing out a store in wilmington,ca north lina. >> help on the way. an elite rescue team from virginia heading south to help in the relief efforts under way.
7:31 am
welcome inn is sunday morninr being here with us, i'm adam tuss. >> and m i'mette green. look at that fog. >> it's just rolled? there. thick out will it be gone by the time the redskins kick off this afternoon? there is a football game in town today. >> and w know the colors, don't we? >> burgundy and gold last time i >> what do you think about that lauryn. >> lauryn said something about red and syellow. >> id red and yellow. i said thank goodness this is early. pefully nobody heard m say that. >> we'll keep reminding you. >> i haven't got anything on burgundy and gold. we're tking about the redskins game peoplein were a me saying can we go to the home open? ll we see rain? i said we'll have a lot of rain and then the trackth changed bui
7:32 am
k you'll be all right. look at our camera,othing to see except for fog. a lot of fog, visibility is cut down and this will get worse over the next hour then itill lift. very similar to what we had yesterday morn drizzle out there. temperatures at 70 miles an hour. northeast winds five to 15ndiles an houre will see a better chance for showers as we hd through the day. a few stray showers up through leesberg and through the northern neck. you may see sunshine north and east of d.c.urg and through the nort we kl let youw how florence will continue to impac us and bring more rain to our area coming up. > even though florence now a tropical depression somes forecastay many areas of the carolinas have yet to see what the storm has to offe >> that' a scary thought. the massive weather system continues to dump record amounts
7:33 am
of rain, measured in feet not inches. rivers and tributaries spilling over their banks, pushing water into places it never been before. trees and electrical lines are down and thousands of people are in shelters. >> just wondering what's going on and where the water isoing to go and how high it's going to go and how we are going to get out. >> reporte power is out for plenty of people this morning anday forecasters the water will continue to rise the next several days. >> and the high winds ripped the roof rht off an elderly care center forcing those seniors to have toet ou this is video of them boarding buses outside the center in wilmgton, north carolina yesterday. emergency crews say part of the roof began collapsing and then it blew away in the wind. no one was hurd. one of the hardest-hit areas in the carolinas is near the coastal town of new bern, north carolina. some families still stranded as crews try to reach them.
7:34 am
>> reporter: in new burn, north carolina, n backyards and front. this boat isegistered to an owner in south carolina. it's believed it was on the other side of the noose river and after the storm the heavy winds blew it across the river and landsed it on this side of a garage. who own that beautiful big home were in australia butany people were here. in fact, almost 400 people have been rescued. late this afternoon there were another hundred calls out to be rescued. look at this drone vid over 2, only 300 have power. these are anxious days and. nigh >> since i lived here i've been through one hurricane and a tropical storm but 's never like this. and the fact that the water
7:35 am
stayed over land so long makes e people are either eldey orave kids and can't get out and on top ofth , most people didn't have nowhere to go so it's not like they can leave if they want >>to. eporter: more than 4300 homes sustained damage, many, like thisone, uninhabited. thousands of residents told tn't come back for another two days because of rain still to come and the river, we have another high tide at 2:30unday morning. in new bern, north carolina, jim handly, news 4. >> it's gooo be able to report there are so many people going to help those folks out. the maryland civil air patrol in north carolina to help out storm victims, they will handout supplies. 25embers left college park yesterday. last year the patrol saved one person's life in maryland. more help is needed to get people to safety. the maryland helicopter aquad i can mission will head to north carolina as well. they'll take two black hawk
7:36 am
helicopters. search and rescue centers will also be going. a somber annivsary to note today. five years ago a gunman opened fire at the washington navy yard. this was the hectic scene on september 16, 2013 in the ng.ermath of the shoo 34-year-old aaron alexis entered building 197 and shot victims randomly and killed a dozen people before d him. eight people were injured? >> so many of uha remember day like it was yesterday. a big honor for a family of a uity of maryland football player who died. the mcdonough schoo outside of baltimore retired jordan mcnair's number 70 at friday night's game. mcnair died in june. the family says he suffered heat stroke after collapsing at practice. mcdonough players wore his jersey numr on their helmets. happening today, a back-to-school event at helping your child see better in the
7:37 am
classroom, free visionre ings being offered by volunteer eye doctors and free prescription glasses. th screenings start at noon and last 5 unt0 it's at the of blindness society on masetts avenue in northeast. time now, 37 >> back home for washington today. they're hosting their first home game of the season this afternoon. we're going to win. it's the first time ans will see quarterback alex smith in egular season action in fed field. this is video from their lastn field practice. the team will look to stay at undeed when they kick off against thets c at 1:00 this ternoon. ri adam? going to be a win. >> let's see how it goes. a national problem isrd hitting locally but a group from congress is stepping uto help th the dangerous shortage of mental health care in the african-american community. see what's being done about it next o.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
> welcome ck. there's a critical shortage of mental health services in the african-american c issue drawinn of the congressional black caucus. >> as chris gordon reports, a meeting held heres cusing on solutis that could help people in o area. >> reporter: the congressional black caucus foundation is sounding an alarir t message -- mental illness in the african-american community tof n goes untreated? >> it means families aren't able esto a services for their kids who may have problems in school or home. it means adults are suffering needlessly with dression and anxiety. >> they ar beginning a national conversation saying more psychiatrists and mental health professionals are needed in blackcommunities. maryland state delegate angel angel says some families in prince georges county facesa rous consequences because they can't find treatment. >> our children are suffering and they aret literally j
7:41 am
dying while walking and living through the pain they're going through. >> reporter: the greater washington urban league says prince georges county is not alone. they say people ine neighborhoods in washington, d. are left to suffer, too. >> when you look at ward eight, at high the highest levels of clinically depressed adults that have been identified as clinically depressed in the entire distri. >> reporte rosalyn grant brought her children with her. she hopes to solve these problems. >> i just got my master's degree in social work with a concentration in mentahahealth and led me to that was the -- it's not address in the african-american community. >> reporte goal of thisna onal conversation is local action. to convince chches, nonprofits and politicians that mailness in the african-american communi is a national health crisis and to get the kind ofs servi
7:42 am
needed to address that problem. reporting from the washington convention center, chris gordon, ws 4. >> news 4 is committed to changing minds to lift the stigma ofs. mental illn to find a list of local resources that are available if someone you know needs go to our web site at nbc washington and click on "changingminds." 7:42 as you look at the fog that has rolled through our area. will it rain on this sunday? what about the remnants of hurricane florence? that coming up when lauryn joins us a. staying on top of your game takes a plan.
7:43 am
a plan that focuses on the whole you. at's why innovation health takes a total approach to. we offer a range of medicare solutions designed to support shealthy body, mindpirit... to help you age actively. innovation hlth medicare.
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for good reason. but we accept them around here. those red light speed cameras all over the place. >> they are everywhere. but for people from out of town, it can be a shock to the system when the ticket comes in the mail. get this, a spoke with a lawmak in new jersey who is fighting to make sure his constituents, people in new jersey, can g out of the fines here in the district and around our area. >> he'soing to win reelection. >> take a look. love them or hate them, we are familiar with speed and red light cameras around here, but lawmakers in new jersey say they want to protect their hesidents if get a fine from one of these things, they say the drivers should haven't to pay the fine. >> we woutop our motor vehicle commission from providing the identifying
7:46 am
information. >> that's new jersey repelican stat senator declan o'scanlon joining us via face time. 's introducing legislation peat would protect new jersey drivers from any s or red light camera jersey does not currently use those type of cameras. >> we don't tolerate it in new je. tolerate it from other governments taking advantage of our residents. >> jay lassiter recently got three speed camera ticke the district. he was in town to bury his father who was t in marine corps. he was at arlington national cemetery. now jay admits when he was here he was over the speed limit but he questions the placement o me cameras. >> so if it goes from 55 to 35 and it'sot that obvious thin of course it's designed to ensnare suspecting people like me and that's what happened. >> reporter: according to ain waon city paper analysis, income from red light and speed camera ticketsfr jumpe just
7:47 am
over $69 million in 2015 to over $123 million in 2016. d.c. leaders and numerousha gros ve always maintained the program is set up for safety but for drivers like jay -- >> i haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a dozen years. i can't remember the last time i got a real ticket. >> -- something isn't addsing up. some of us have gottens, tick some of us haven't. if you get caught the fine can range from $50 to $300. >> my husband gets a new one every two>>weeks. i've gotten better where the speed cameras are but i don't know where the cops are sitting. >> you mean like the actual officer? >> yeah, the old school way to get a ticket. >> maybe you need to do the speed limit. >> you drive the same way to get to work. >> it's not just work, my rents always said i had a lead foot. i got a tict twoays after i
7:48 am
got my license and it continuero to snowball there. >> you need to move to new jersey. >> that's what i should do. >> you can't tak left turns in new jersey. >> you just have problems on the road. >> stay away from lauryn when she's >> i was literusi ining uber eats right now. uber is my jam. >> let's talk about the weather. >> let's talk about that.ea theer as far as today, noto ad i heard from col in union bridge, maryland, just up thro frederick county, maryland and she says we have
7:49 am
brilliant sunshine. w it's comfortable, cloudy and breezy but as continue through the day we'll get more humid, stray showers, but better chances of showe later this evening and throh tonight. not seeing much right now but you can see a few showers popping up and there's sprinkles not amounting to much, more towards charlottesville. widening out this view, finally florence is.n the mo she's moving to the west at 8 miles an hour. center of circulation around columbia, south carolina and it will continue to rotate up towards charlotte and hug the west virginia state and head towards pennsylvania but this moisture has to go somewhere and they're seeing rain aroundon wilmino do we have more rain out there today? yes, absolutely but, again a few stray showers, better chances later tonight. see coastalnue to
7:50 am
flooding f communities. we'll see that during times of high tide. let me g ahead and show you the latest track of tropical depression florence. the tropical storm winds have now dropped below the criteria so 35 miles an hour now. and it may pick up in intensity once it hits ocean so by tomorrow morning it will be the west of us and it continues to track through pennsylvania. this is when we'll have the best time to see rain late tonight thugh tuesday night, again, all directly related theor ce and it will hush out of here into wednesday. so a few sprinkles, you may want to grab the umbrella. then through t afternoon that s when we see an uptick in the chances of rain later on tomorrow morning. look at this, you make your way
7:51 am
to work. the appalachian mountains is where the rain will stay. as the day wears on we'll have these periods of rain that roll through the area. thunderstorms to thwest but we isolated storms here. we'll have to watch the flash flooding threat d west of. along i-81. the ride home tomorrow, waves of rain, even a few thunderstorms but h i believe we'e thr on tomorrow night and possibly to the wesd outh as those dynamics lift to the north and east so rain again through monday and tuesday tth storms. temperatures outre now, 60s and 70s. headed into the low 80s withek of sun. if you're headed to the redskins game, home opener against the colts not lookingoo bad, mostly cloudy and breezy with stray showers as the game wears on. we'll talk about your forecast for monday and tuesday right here because we areha going to chances of rain. the best chance lies along i-81 for heavy rain.
7:52 am
it will be breezy humid tomorrow and tuesday but the humidity drops by wednesday, thursday, friday looking good with plenty of sun, next chance of rain will be the first day of fall which is on saturday. >> fall. >> fall. >>. here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers
7:53 am
cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
7:54 am
iphones go on sale, nike investors meet and mcdonald's workers strike, all in the week ahead. friday is the day ple's ne iphones and watches will
7:55 am
show up in stores. pre-orders are under way with some models not available for weeks. mond t delivers biggest earnings reports of the week. fedex and oracle. on thursday we'll hear from computer chip maker mic tn as well ar industries, the country's largest producers of recreational hicles. nike holds its annual shareholder meeting thursday where there are bound to be e new ad campaign featuring former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. nike shares fell but they recovered the losses and movedh er. finally, some mcdonald's workers will go on strike tuesday. organizers say some but not all restaurants are being targeted for the one day action they're calling for more to be done toe prt sexual harassment on the job. i'm courtney reagan. get your business news on 7:55. here are the four thing i don't say u need to know. 14 people have died in the florence.on from
7:56 am
the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical depression this morning. some places in north carolina have rneived more tha two feet of rain with more expected to fall. >> luckily thean mar civil air patrol in north carolina to help out storm thvictims. le will handout supplies, 25 members left colge park yesterday. >> at noon, free vision screenings are being offered for children. screenings las until 5:00 at the prevention of blindness society in the district o massachusetts avenue northeast. the redskins will be playing their first home game this afternoon. the team looking to stay undefeated wn they kickai off nst the colts and adam i think i heard you say you didn't mind if the colts >> i'm an eagles fan. i have broadcast this to the world. on i i don't want d to kno but hiear it in my >> go back to philly. >> the nfc east is a competitive division. >> they used tbe. >> the redskins have won enough.
7:57 am
>> we're undefeated. n't wait to play y'all. >> tell us about the weather. >> we are going to have cloud cover. b you're tailgating it won't be that bat but the end of the day we'll have more stray s as the day goes through.erow ight more rain and expect rain and thunderstorms for monday and tuesday. temperatures in the low 80s. wednesday, thursda and friday beautiful low humidity and plenty of in. >> chang coming. >> fall begins saturday. t> very cool. that will do for news 4 today. thank you so much for joining us. >> and we will be back at 9:00. until then, have a great sunday. despite th (announcer) there's a freedom about asheville.
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i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. evacuation. >> we have days of rain ahead of us. puerto rico wasn incredible unsung success. your champion, novak djokovic. good morning and welcome to unday today" on september 16th. i'm hallie jackson in for willie this morning. overnight, florence was downgraded to a tropical ut depression, b that is still no consolation for millions of people in the carolinas getting drenched by rain that just won't stop. the slow-moving storm dumping trillions of gallons of water acrosshe south. officials warn t i


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